Build a better business.

Get ready for the best 2 days you’ve ever spent working on your business! See how simple it is to run a more profitable landscape company. You'll work with top 100 landscape contractors to build a plan to ensure your business is positioned to make money and a pricing system that links to your plan.
Best of all, it's ready for work the very next day.

Green workshops.

Our Green Workshops are designed to provide you with the tools tricks of the trade that you need to run an incredible landscape/hardscape business. From better estimating to maintenance management, we've got you covered.


Snow workshops.

Leave your competition in the drifts for good. LMN's Snow Workshops will put your snow maintenance business ahead of the curb, preparing you for the season ahead with the right tools for the right jobs.

Want to know more?

To learn more about LMN and how it can help your landscape/snow company go paperless, visit our website. Find out why LMN is the fastest growing software in the landscape and snow & ice industry.


Our partners.

Interested in being a partner?

We team up with associations across North America to bring our workshops and expertise to individuals from coast to coast. To find out more about how you can be involved, visit LMN for Associations.


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